The Chue Foundation’s 17th Annual General Meeting Saturday 6th July 2019 & Chue Foundation Members’ Summer Camp Thursday 4th & Friday 5th July 2019
The Chue Foundation’s 17th Annual General MeetingSaturday 6th July 2019&Chue Foundation Members’ Summer CampThursday 4th & Friday 5th July 2019

Summer Camp Thursday 4th & Friday 5th July 2019              City Planning in Lillehammer, Norway

This two-day Summer Camp is the privilege for Chue members only.  The first day will be a walk around the little town of Lillehammer, looking at various places and important buildings in the town. We will visit the main sites like the town hall, train station, police station, fire brigade station etc. Lake Mjøsa is important to the town, as is the motorway and the railway that come from Oslo and continue on to Trondheim.

The second day will be in the classroom at Hotel Hammer, analysing the findings from the previous day. There will also be an opportunity for members to present any research or results that they might like to share. There will be a request for research presentations from members later.


If you wish to join the Summer Camp, then it is mandatory that you also join the AGM. The reason is that it is inappropriate to just taking the benefit of the Summer Camp without supporting the Foundation through participating at the AGM.

To register for the Summer camp, please fill in this Cognito form by 1st May 2019.

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